We implement a Faith-based, theme-oriented curriculum.  Most importantly, Christian values are consistently modeled and encouraged through thoughtful interactions and positive reinforcement.  Each day, our children experience a balanced acquisition of skills and knowledge along with the joys and delights of a playful childhood.  Emergent literacy and writing experiences are provided within well-planned activities and implemented play opportunities to meet the individual needs of each child.  These activities will develop skills and knowledge in all learning domains through topics that young children find interesting.  These domains include:  language development, emergent literacy, cognitive development, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, and physical and health development.

We will assist the children in cultivating their approaches to learning, including:

• developing an eagerness to learn new things

• showing curiosity about the world in which we live
• increasing persistence in performing tasks

These skills are necessary in order for children to become resilient and to develop confidence in their abilities.

2022-2023 Classes 

TWO'S:  9AM - Noon

Children ages 24 - 29 Months (by Sept 1) attend T/Th

Children ages 30 - 35 Months (by Sept 1) attend M-W-F.


THREE'S: 9AM - Noon or 9AM - 2PM.

Children ages 36+ Months (by Sept 1) may attend 2 Days (T/Th), 3 Days (M-W-F) or 5 Days per week.


VPK: 9AM - Noon or 9AM - 2PM 

Children ages 4 years (by Sept 1) attend 5 Days per week

We accept Florida's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) Voucher.

Children attending 9AM - Noon - VPK Voucher, No Fees.

Children attending 9AM - 2PM VPK Voucher PLUS Required Fees 



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