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We believe in the development of a relationship with love and respect for God. To prepare our children for the Kingdom of God we teach them who they are in Christ through praying Scripture, Bible lessons, and promoting a love for worship music both in Chapel and in the classroom. We use the word of God to teach dedication to family, character building, self discipline, conflict resolution skills, and the importance of keeping forgiveness at the center of our hearts. 

We follow the early childhood educational philosophy that children acquire knowledge by doing, and their daily experiences should be full of movement, imagination, and self-directed play.

Studies show that children who have outdoor play time are better able to focus while at school. Our children have both free play time, and also opportunities to work on gross motor skill activities while on the playground. Keystone Christian Preschool follows the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards, and operates as a fully licensed facility under the Department of Children and Families and The Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County.

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